About us

The who...

In 2010, our journey commenced with the establishment of our own holiday lets, laying the foundation for what would eventually evolve into creating an agency in 2015, where we have been dedicated creating memorable experiences for milestone events ever since.

As a family-operated enterprise, our guiding principles are rooted in simplicity. We extend a friendly approach to everyone we encounter and strive to provide unparalleled personalised service. Our commitment lies in creating exceptional holiday lets, each infused with a touch of celebratory charm. Moreover, we go the extra mile by orchestrating a wide range of activities through our team of skilled chefs, therapists, and trusted local partners. This ensures that we deliver a stress-free retreat, enabling our guests to cherish their valuable time spent with loved ones.

Overall, our goal is to facilitate memorable and enjoyable getaways, allowing our guests to savour the most significant aspect of their experience: quality time away with family and friends.

The why...

In recent years, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have come to acknowledge the paramount importance of self-care and the well-being of employees. In today's challenging world, stress, anxiety, and pressure have become pervasive aspects of our daily lives. We firmly believe that all businesses should invest in and actively support the mental well-being of their workforce. We have already had the privilege of assisting numerous businesses in organising corporate stays, but we aspired to take our vision even further, thus giving rise to Corporate Cottages.

Our primary objective is to provide businesses with a comprehensive platform that enables them to support their employees while embracing and incorporating their unique cultures and values, with a strong emphasis on promoting well-being as the top priority. To accomplish this, we have partnered with professional experts in Coaching and Well-being Workshops to offer diligently designed packages that encompass luxurious handpicked properties, dedicated teams of chefs and wellness therapists, and rewarding team-building activities.

The culmination of these efforts has led to the establishment of Corporate Cottages Wellbeing Retreats. 

We focus on promoting various key aspects, including:

 - Collaboration trips away: Recognising that remote work can often foster feelings of disconnection, we facilitate trips that foster collaboration and strengthen team bonds.

 - Celebratory Events: We understand the importance of recognizing and rewarding staff, and believe that such experiences are more personal and meaningful when they take place outside the office environment.

 - Strategy Development: Our retreats offer a serene and secluded setting that enhances productivity and overall performance, enabling focused strategy development.

 - Coaching and Workshop Sessions: By providing a relaxed and informal environment, our retreats create the perfect backdrop for coaching sessions and workshops, surpassing the limitations of traditional boardrooms or hotel conference rooms. This tranquil atmosphere greatly enhances the effectiveness of any workshop.

 - Dedicated Time for Employee Well-being: We offer dedicated retreats aimed at supporting various aspects of employee well-being, including team bonding, work-life balance, staff well-being, improving mental health, coping with pressure and anxiety, fostering group cohesion, personal growth and development, and building better mental health and personal performance.

Together, let’s create a thriving work environment that natures both personal and professional growth with our Signature Wellbeing Retreats!
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