Afternoon Tea

Transport yourself back to 1840, when Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford coined afternoon tea, what we now understand to be one of the most archetypal British practices. You are cordially invited to celebrate this simple yet historic (and delicious!) tradition, all in the calm and comfort of your chosen luxury property. A custom high in sophistication and steeped in traditional culture, what’s not to love about gathering with your peers for searing hot tea, dainty sandwiches and deliciously fresh scones? Absolutely nothing, we say. Quintessentially British, the perfect remedy for mid-afternoon longing.
What’s Included?
Baked and assembled fresh on the day and brought into your property of choice, a stunning varied selection of generously filled sandwiches, elegant cakes and indulgent scones with clotted cream and sweet jams awaits. High society etiquette need not follow! Relax with your colleagues, soak up the sun – should the Great British summer allow, or cosy away out of the cold around a warm and welcoming table. Raise your teacups and toast to an amazing team-building retreat. This is an Afternoon Tea buffet delivery and will be set up at your property – please note crockery used will be the crockery available at the property, our chefs do not bring afternoon tea stands or plates.
Why pick this activity?
When one fancies a lighter, more demure occasion to fill the gap between a large breakfast and hearty evening meal, afternoon tea is the perfect solution. A balance between savoury and sweet, it is sure to satisfy the cravings of all. Dietary requirements and preferences are observed, so worry not!
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