Bootcamp Fun

Team up and dress down for the ultimate barrier-breaking and trust-building activity. Develop your problem-solving competences, social skills and improve your communication all while having fun with your group! This is a unique and dynamic way to bond with your colleagues. Learn all about light-hearted discipline, principles and priorities that you can take back to work with you, along with great memories.
What’s Included?
Guided by one of our friendly and motivated boot camp instructors, you will undertake a series of entertaining and challenging games such as relay races, sack races, tug of war and circuit training. No need to bring equipment, just bring yourselves, your gym gear and your enthusiasm! You can even suggest games ahead of your boot camp fun class, to inspire and shape the activity in your own way! Depending on the space available in the property and weather permitting, you can enjoy this activity in or outdoors.
Why pick this activity?
Boot camp fun will allow you to build upon your natural skills and abilities as an individual and as a group, then carry your fresh approaches through to the way you view and consider your role in the workplace. Build morale, a tighter team and a healthy colleague culture. We love to see it!
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